January 29, 2021

Top Strategies to Improve for New Overwatch Players

By John Sniff

Overwatch 2 has just been made official and you haven’t fully mastered the first one yet? In this article we give you some strategies and advice to progress in Overwatch!

The pre-fight strategy: how to compose your team?

In Overwatch, decisions before fights are as important as those made during clashes. The composition of your team of 6 is indeed essential. First of all, this composition must be balanced between damage (DPS), defense (tanks) and support (healers) heroes. If the basic tactical device of the game (the 2-2-2 consisting of 2 tanks, 2 healers and 2 DPS) had given way over time to the “Goat” composed of 3 healers and 3 tanks, the 2-2- 2 was made mandatory at the end of 2019 in the Overwatch League , which could bring it up to date.

In addition to having a balanced team (showing up with 0 or 1 single healer is suicidal), you must also adapt to the meta (that is to say to all the majority strategies) of the moment. The composition is also done according to the map and the type of mission. To defend a control point, for example, you will have to rely on several tanks.

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The best individuals forge team spirit

Based on both team spirit and the individual skills (abilities) of each member, Overwatch requires each player to be excellent at what they have to do. This involves two things: you have to specialize in controlling a character and surround yourself well. So choose the class and the hero with which you have the most facilities, and improve yourself until you become indispensable.

To be really effective, you need to know your hero by heart: how to handle him, where to position him according to the map, the composition of the opposing team and your team. This must be of a homogeneous level (a too weak member will lead to a loss of cohesion and an increase in frustration), complementary (with members with advanced skills, but different), and demonstrate communication. During the games, give each other information (on positioning, opponents, an ultimate attack to be launched, etc.) is essential. This is also why it is strategic to always play with the same players.

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Of the strategic use of ultimate capacities

Different for each character, ultimate abilities often decide the outcome of a fight. Charging over the course of the game, the “ultimate” must be used wisely (example: not triggering too many ultimate abilities at the same time, doing 2 simultaneously is sometimes enough to do damage). It is also strategic to know all the different sentences announcing these attacks and to be able to sense when an enemy has his “ultimate” available (you can for example note who on the opposing team has not yet used it or be informed by a Sombra on your team) in order to be able to anticipate it. Feeling and experience being very important in Overwatch, your “offline” learning (Live, training videos, forums, etc.) cannot replace the hours played alongside other members of your team. So at your controls!