November 7, 2023

Top 5 Tips to Take Your Overwatch Game to Next Level

By John Sniff

After Overwatch 2’s release, the game quickly grew larger because Blizzard made the game free to play unlike Overwatch 1 which was paid and because of that, a lot more players were hesitant to play the game. but after releasing Overwatch 2 as F2P Blizzard saw a huge spike in players they also marketed the game by giving its beta to streamers to showcase the game. Overwatch 2 is merely a year old and has a lot of New Players And that means a low skill level of matchmaking overall. Don’t worry if you are new to the game, I am going to give you tips that can elevate your gameplay to the next level and help you grasp the game quickly.

1. Lower Down video settings:

This can be a personal preference thing as Overwatch is incredibly easy to run. Lowering the video setting would be my 1st tip as more frames are directly correlated to better gameplay the input lag would be minimal and you’ll get more up-to-date information than having higher settings with low fps. You have to lower everything except antialiasing and texture and texture filtering and do not enable FSR because it would kill the purpose of lowering video settings. because we are increasing the frame rate to minimize input lag and enabling FSR would give us frames at the cost of blurriness and additional input lag which we don’t want. In case you have a very weak PC you can turn FSR on but if you don’t then avoid upscaling at all.

2. Adjust your mouse sensitivity:

To build consistent aim and muscle memory you had to have a sensitivity customized for you. Because there is virtually no recoil present in the game for abilities and guns. You mostly have to flick or track your target and be accurate with it and having a sensitivity that is just customized for yourself is a really good way to grow as a player. Customizing it can be lengthy but it’ll be worth your time. So load up the practice range and try to flick from one target to another. Try to do quick flicking does not aim just flick and try to see where your aim is landing is it behind the target or ahead of the target and adjust your sensitivity according to it. Also, track targets to see which is easier to it with is its high sensitivity? or low sensitivity? And try to find a middle ground for both things.

3. Pick a hero in each category:

Picking a hero that can complement your playstyle can be beneficial but if you are new to the game picking a legend in each category can be good also because in lower ranks sometimes you do not get your main hero in queues. By going this way, you can pick an alternative hero in the tank, support, or damage category. So, you can still be a plus for your team. You can also queue for each role, but you also have to have two to three heroes on your radar.

4. Play Unranked:

Before jumping into the rank ladder, you should play unranked quite a bit so you can get aware of the basics. Also, the unranked mode can help you to build aim, master the heroes, and be aware of maps and possible enemy encounters. You can also do aim training but it would be against AI bots in unrank you’ll get PvP so the players would be much better than bots. Overall playing unranked for 30 to 50 hours before jumping into the rank ladder.

5. Pick a position and play according to your style:

Picking a position is also crucial and picking a hero according to your playstyle and positioning yourself correctly can also help in ranking up and growing as a player. If you like healers, then most of the time you’ll want to be behind your team like Moira or Mercy so you can heal them without getting yourself killed. If you like assault heroes like Reaper or Cassidy then stay right with your tank and make plays for yourself lastly, if you are a tank then whatever you want you have a large sum of health try to make space for your team as the round goes on. These are some tips that you can apply at your own pace.

Overwatch Booster:

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